About MS Corporation.


MS. Corporation was formed in July 2002 at Karachi Pakistan. Prior to this the company was titled as “Medicine Supply Corporation” since 1969 and still before as “Medicine Supply Agency” since 1945 in Calcutta undivided India dealing in allopathic drugs.

The company turned to deal with homoeopathic medicines in 1986, with exclusive representation in Pakistan for Messrs Lehning Laboratories situated in Metz France.

With dedication, hard work and use of modern lines and techniques it turned Lehning Laboratories in one of the most popular homeopathic companies in Pakistan where products especially the L. Nos. became the first preference for majority of the doctors.

With the adoption of the policy of earning less profit with more sales, today Lehning Laboratories stands as the third largest foreign homoeopathic company in Pakistan.

At present we have a wide range of Homoeopathic Specialties, Lehning Complexes and Mother Tinctures, which testify to the efficiency, and trust of the prescribers and patients alike.

Lehning Products are also introduced to the general public through print, electronic and social media also creating awareness in general public about homeopathy through different strategies, such as holding of Free Medical Camps and Seminars etc.

S. Corporation is well known today among homoeopathic circles throughout the country for its honesty and fair dealings.

The progress of M. S. Corporation is attributed not only to its efficient team of staff workers but also the guidance and valuable suggestions of all who are related to the field of homoeopathy. The company is also indebted and highly obliged to homoeopathic practitioners and pharmacies in Pakistan for their co-operation and continuous efforts in promotion of Lehning products in their respective territories.

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