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Lehning Laboratories, an independent pharmaceutical company in France, was founded by Rene Lehning in 1935. Today, it is directed by his grandson Stephane Lehning.

The company is based on the production of homoeopathic, phytotherapeutic and trace element treatments, to which lines of dietary supplements and cosmetics have been added. In total, Lehning Laboratories produce over 12 million products per year.

Lehning Laboratories’ over 160 specialties are distributed in France’s 23,000 pharmacies, either directly or through wholesalers. They are also sold in approximately 20 other countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia, including Pakistan through subsidiaries or local distributors.

The mother tinctures, homoeopathic raw material for which Lehning Laboratories are famous, are diluted, dynamised, and associated with each other to obtain liquid medicines packaged in 30, 90 and 250ml bottles. L52, L72, Urarthone and all other specialties existing in drop form are produced continuously on three automatic production lines at a rate of 600,000 bottles a month.

The dry or solid form specialties (tablets, granules, powders and capsules) are produced according to the classic galenic process: preparation, mixing, drying, granulation or compression. To this, we add special homoeopathic know-how. The triturations used, guarantees that the finished product will be of the highest quality.


Sinuspax, Voxpax and other dry form medications are the result of modern equipment and new technology, which assure an ever more efficient production process.

The demand for quality: In homeopathy, the guarantee of the product’s quality is essentially obtained through checking raw materials and respecting and implementing the French code of Good Practice in Production. A special department provides qualitative analysis of production using the latest techniques. The references in this matter are the Pharmacopeic Directions for Homoeopathic Preparations.

“Analyses are performed on all raw materials, mother tinctures and final products.” These analyses are applied to all Lehning Laboratories medicines.

Different analytical techniques are used: high performance liquid chromatography, thin layer chromatography coupled with photo-densitometry, gas chromatography and absorption spectrophotometry in the ultraviolet and visible ranges. Microbiological quality is also verified according to Pharmacopeic methods.

At the same time, controls during manufacture are performed throughout the production process. The key phrase is always “total quality of the final product”. The staff’s awareness of the stakes involved and continued investment in new methods of analysis guarantee the consistency and dependability of Lehning Laboratories specialties.

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