MS. Corporation was formed in July 2002 at Karachi Pakistan. Prior to this the company was titled as “Medicine Supply Corporation” since 1969 and still before as “Medicine Supply Agency” since 1945 in Calcutta undivided India dealing in allopathic drugs.

The company turned to deal with homoeopathic medicines in 1986, with exclusive representation in Pakistan for Messrs Lehning Laboratories situated in Metz France.


Lehning Laboratories, an independent pharmaceutical company in France, was founded by Rene Lehning in 1935. Today, it is directed by his grandson Stephane Lehning.

The company is based on the production of homoeopathic, phytotherapeutic and trace element treatments, to which lines of dietary supplements and cosmetics have been added. In total, Lehning Laboratories produce over 12 million products per year.

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Cardiac Erethism


Gastro-Intstine Hepatology






Tranquilizers-Pain Killer

Urology-Urinary Tract

Hypnotics Sedatives

Infectious States

Metabolism-Nutrition Disorders

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The Botanical World

With more than 85 years of experience in plants, our team of specialists ensures full traceability and maintains our high quality standards from harvesting to packing of our botanicals.

This is achieved through:

Our Vision of Outsourcing

Based on its experience, the Lehning group now offers a full service for the development of your healthcare solutions. As each project is specific, we offer a unique proposition while adhering to strict confidentiality rules.

We design formulas and develop the product from A to Z using our strong knowledge of the regulatory environment (presence of our health solutions in over 20 countries).

Our industrial site, located in France, allows us to be flexible and proactive, two qualities that we put at the service of our customers. In addition, 90% of our plant suppliers are French and 85% of our plants are organically grown.

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Everything is under one roof. The specificity of Lehning Laboratories is to intervene in the entire value chain of natural health products: from the plant to the finished product, whether it is a medicine, a food supplement or a cosmetic.